Exploring My Passion for Well-being

​​​​​​Hello! I’m Noe, your dedicated therapist at Nature Ibiza Massage, and I’m excited to share a bit more about my training and specialization.

Since 2003, I hold a Diploma in Chiromassage and Professional Aesthetics. I specialize in quiromassage,foot reflexology, and emotional massage and aromatherapy.

My journey into the world of well-being began with a deep connection between the mind, body, and nature. Over the years, I’ve developed a holistic approach to healing, blending traditional therapeutic techniques with the rejuvenating energy of Ibiza’s natural surroundings.

As a therapist, each session is a unique exploration tailored to your individual needs. My commitment is to create a space where you can relax, rejuvenate, and find balance. It’s not just about the treatment; it’s about the experience, immersing yourself in a journey toward well-being.

Join my hands as we explore the transformative power of personalized well-being. I hope to be part of your path to a more balanced and vibrant life. Embark on this journey with me.

Empowered Experiences

The massages by Noe are of a sensitivity and presence that touch the heart through the body. Highly recommended. A beautiful experience to gift yourself some time with this Fairy of relaxation and reconnection. Thank you, Noe.


Entrusting myself to Noe is dedicating myself to the best self-care space. The presence and love she puts into her hands transcend the limits of my skin, creating the space to enter into an intimate and tender contact with myself. The therapeutic space extends to various levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Therefore, I can only highly recommend her to everyone.

Carolina Vorburger